The Media Union SSM

The SSM Media Union (Swiss Syndicate of Media Professionals) represents employees working in electronic media (radio, television, online). SSM currently has about 3,000 members with a high level of unionisation within the Swiss National Broadcasting Corporation SRG and acts as their social and contractual partner. The number of its members in private radio and television companies as well as among freelancers keeps growing. SSM is open to anyone working in electronic media, whether radio, TV or internet and across all of the sector’s professions (video editors, moderators, secretaries, camera people, online editors, journalists or sound technicians amongst others).

Services offered

With its eight offices across Switzerland, SSM offers expert knowledge. These offices are available to members as a point of contact for information and advice. SSM is internationally networked and an official member of the IJF (International Federation of Journalists).

SSM provides assistance when conflicts occur in the workplace and offers comprehensive legal insurance and advice. It defends the interests of its members towards their employers and assists in situations of personal difficulty (insurances, dismissal, disciplinary proceedings et al.).

Collective employment contratcs

One of our central tasks lies in negotiating collective employment contratcs. SSM acts both as a union and as contract partner towards employers. As such, SSM strives to conclude collective employment contracts. Thus, a collective employment agreement was reached both with the Swiss National Broadcasting Corporation SRG SSR and the production centre tpc. In June 2007, SSM managed for the first time to conclude a collective employment contract with a company from the private electronic media sector. In this domain, SSM is striving to reach further agreements and targets its resources specifically to this end. Furthermore, SSM represents members through direct interventions with company managements.

As an SSM Member you can benefit from an ever expanding variety of reductions and services. 

The Central Secretariat will gladly answer any further questions about the activities and scope of our media union.

Please direct your enquiries to the

SSM Central Secretariat, Birmensdorferstrasse 65, 8004 Zurich

or contact us via email at: info[a],

or by telephone on: +41 44 202 77 51


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